Links to the Art

Please notify me if any of these links stop working of if you wish me to remove your link from this site. 


Berenice Abbott–Saints for Sale

Apollo Belvedere

Frank Auerbach–JYM Seated I   (This one is a precursor to JYM Seated III)

Alice Bailly–Self-Portrait

Balthus–The Guitar Lesson

Max Beckmann–Man and Woman

Hans Bellmer–Poupee; in Hayloft

William Blake–Albion Rose

Pieter Bruegel the Elder–The Parable of the Blind

Marc Chagall–The Green Violinist

Chartres Cathedral–Royal Portal

de Chirico–Uncertainty of the Poet

Joseph Cornell–Bebe-Marie  (One of Cornell’s doll assemblages but not “Untitled: Melisande”)

Dali–Portrait of Gala With Two Lamb Chops Balanced on Her Shoulder

Degas–Dancer with Red Stockings

Marcel Duchamp–Please Touch

Leonor Fini–Red Vision

Helen Frankenthaler–Before the Caves

Paul Gauguin–The Yellow Christ

Artemisia Gentileschi–Self Portrait as an Allegory of Painting

Nan Goldin—Gilles’ Arm

Goya–Self Portrait

Edward Hopper–Solitude

Ipousteguy–Man Pushing Door

Frida Kahlo. The Little Hart. 

Kathe Kollwitz–Self-Portrait with Hand of Death  ( Not “The Hand of Death” but similar)

Willem de Kooning–Pink Angels

Man Ray–Juliet in Turban   Similar to Untitled (rear view of nude)


Alice Neel–Rag in Window

Georgia O;Keeffe–Pelvis I–Pelvis with Blue

Toni Onley–Glacier  (An example of his Arctic work)

Picasso–Girl Before a Mirror

Pollock–Autumn Rhythm

Satyr and Maenad–Pompeii–Casa degli Epigrammi

Antoine Preault–Ophelia

Renoir–Seated Bather


Rooster–Otto Dix–Cock and Hens

Robert Ryman–Courier II

Sassoferrato–Madonna in Prayer


Clyfford Still–1947-R-No. 1 (Similar in style to 1947-R No. 2)

Still Life–Corner of a Table–Henri Fantin Latour

Egon Schiele–Self Portrait

Germaine Richier–The Batman

Jan van Riemsdyck–Anatomy

Kiki Smith–Lilith

Toulouse-Lautrec–Self Portrait ;    Toulouse Lautrec–The Sofa

Luc Tuymans–Lucky Luke by Peter Landuyt  (A photo of the artist)

Remedios Varo–Harmony

Sarah Walker–Array IV

Whistler–Old Battersea Bridge

Andrew Wyeth–Trodden Weed